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Aschoff Enterprises, LLC was established in 2013 by Kevin and Lilly Aschoff. We are fully licensed with the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Board for all phases of landscape construction plus irrigation, as well as certified with the Oregon Health Department for backflow testing. We pride ourselves on taking the time to do things right the first time, quality work and above average client communication. As we transition to focusing on mainly irrigation and cross connection control, most of our services will be completed under the business entity Deschutes Backflow Testing. We remain a small, family owned business, and we are dedicated to protecting our community’s water. We look forward to working with you!


Kevin and Lilly Aschoff provide the best experience in the quality of their work and use of their professional training and experience. They have exhibited a unique ability to visualize my property   from  the point of view of existing plants, types of trees, available sunlight, where the system sprinkler heads are located by type and where aimed (add or remove), amount of water needed at each point in the system and timing of the water cycle.  A similar thought process was used in the placement of low energy garden lights. What makes them different is their ability to ‘think out of the box’ in making practical suggestions regarding your landscaping needs. Top Class.
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Checking in on past installs

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Although we are no longer installing landscapes, and next year will be moving away from landscaping entirely, it’s sure fun to revisit some of our favorite xeriscapes from over the

Schedule your backflow test with DBT!

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Spring is coming, and that means backflow testing season! Get yours scheduled today with Deschutes Backflow Testing!   CLICK HERE    

Landscape Maintenance Availability

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Good news! We have some availability in our maintenance schedule this year in the following neighborhoods: Widgi Creek Awbrey Butte Starwood Mowing weekly Edging of the lawn bi-weekly Fertilizing the